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In ‘Joys of Jell-O,’ There’s Nothing You Can’t Do With Colored Gelatin

The 2024 James Beard America’s Classics Winners Are Here

Finally, Starbucks Is Going to Bargain With Its Unionized Workers

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Where to Eat in 2024

Where to find the best food around the world in 2024

TikTok’s Chopped Sandwiches Are Doing the Most, and for What?

Hyper-chopped sandwiches and salads are the height of performative TikTok food

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Phil Rosenthal of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Is Opening an Old-School Diner in Los Angeles This Summer

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The Oslo Design Team Reshaping How the World’s Top Bars Look — and Function

The Best Way to Eat Ice Cream When It’s Cold Out Is a Stout Float

An Eater’s Guide to Goa, India’s Sunshine State

Meet Me at the Melting Pot?

The 40-year-old fondue chain certainly has nostalgic vibes, but an effort to revamp the brand aims to bring the Melting Pot into the future.

Which Lasagna Recipe Is Worth the Work?

We tested three very popular lasagna recipes to find the best one

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A Portland, OR Vietnamese Restaurant Closed Because a Neighbor Complained About the Smell

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James Beard Foundation Awards 2024: Winners, News, and Updates

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The 38 Best Things to Eat at Disneyland

A Kroger-Albertsons Merger Would Be Bad for Almost Everyone

Could ‘Dynamic Pricing’ Actually Make Fast Food Better?

Swedish Candy Is Suddenly Inescapable

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The 38 Essential Honolulu Restaurants

Fried chicken and Champagne with stunning sunset views, rainbow-colored mochi at a decades-old shop, veal schnitzel with liliko‘i at a James Beard winner, and more of Honolulu’s best meals

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Please Explain the Luxury Martini to Me


How Paulie Gee’s Continues the Legacy of the Classic New York Slice Shop

The Best Food Books to Read This Spring

A new novel from Ruth Reichl, a Judith Jones biography, and multiple essay collections await this season

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The Ultimate Fondue Dinner Party

From cheese and chocolate fondue recipes to the best fondue pots, everything you need to melt the night away.

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The 38 All-Time Best Food Movies

What to add to your Netflix queue when you want to feel really hungry

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The Changing Face of Après Ski in Lake Tahoe

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A New Type of ’Tini Is Hiding in Plain Sight

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Is Oat Milk Unhealthy? That’s the Wrong Question.

Please Don’t Tell Me About Every Single Dish on the Menu

The 12 Best New Restaurants in America 2023

Where to eat well, right now

The Globetrotter’s Guide to Vegan Dining

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Lincoln Park Discovers Its Soul

You Should Always, Always Ask for Extra Sauce When Ordering Delivery

Honoring the Ancestral Tradition of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico

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Spot Your Fellow Food Freaks With Eater’s All-New Merch

Shop Eater’s brand-new store and let the world know you’re the one to ask where to eat

Holding Ourselves as Food Media Accountable