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Young Guns

Young Guns

On the ground with the future leaders of the restaurant world

How I Got My Job: Running an Award-Winning Wine Bar in Charleston

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Inside a Brooklyn Chef’s First Apartment — Without Roommates

A tour of the Sol Sips owner’s small apartment kitchen — and her tips for making cornbread at home

You Should Bring Korean-Style Short Ribs to Your Next Potluck

Want to Start Your Own Food Truck? Read This First.

How Has Bartending Changed in the Last Three Years?

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The Unreasonable Lengths Restaurant Workers Have to Go to Take Time Off

From working doubles in advance to finding their own replacements, here’s how unsalaried shift workers manage when it comes to vacation

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Whose Dish Is It Anyway?

When leaving a restaurant, chefs must often navigate the murky waters of whether they can take the dishes they created with them

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El Sexto Colectivo Wants You to Eat With Your Mind

A group of young Mexico City food hobbyists is hosting one of the city’s most exciting pop-up dinners

The Best Nuts at Trader Joe’s Are the Thai Lime and Chili Cashews

How I Got My Job: Running a Food-Focused Radio Station

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Eater’s Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving

How to cook, host, eat, or skip the problematic fave of America’s food holidays

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Meet the Eater Young Guns Class of ’19

These up-and-comers are the rising stars of the restaurant world

How I Got My Job: Pastry Chef and Women’s March Co-Founder Breanne Delgado

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Does Staging Even Matter Anymore?

For generations, the unpaid kitchen internship was a prerequisite for fine dining success. Then came a backlash to the practice of working for free. Where does the stage stand now?

At the Hot Bread Kitchen Conference, Ideas for a Better Restaurant World

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Don’t Go to Thanksgiving Empty-Handed

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The Great Bay Area Culinary Brain Drain

Have sky-high rents, nightmare commutes, and historically low wages turned the Bay Area from a culinary mecca to a no-man’s land for young cooks?

How I Got My Job: Running Noma’s Fermentation Lab

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Life After the Line-Cook Boys’ Club

How does the next generation of line cooks see the future of restaurant kitchens?

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How to Host a Large Dinner Party the Way a Chef Would

Eater Young Gun Maya Lovelace (’16) reveals her strategies for cooking for large groups

What It Takes to Be the Chef de Cuisine at One of Brooklyn’s Buzziest Restaurants

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Why Baristas All Over the Country Are Telling Each Other Their Salaries

Even at coffee companies with a progressive sheen, baristas say they’re underpaid. A new worker-led movement is trying to change that.

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Restaurant Lawyer

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How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in a Super-Small Space

Keeping Bar: How to Step Up Your Nonalcoholic Drinks

The Three Books That Inspire Food Writer Lazarus Lynch

How I Got My Job: Blogger, Cookbook Author, and Food Stylist Jerrelle Guy

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Cooking Your First Thanksgiving? Make Sure You Have These Kitchen Tools

How I Got My Job: Making Custom Ceramics for Restaurants

The Best Crunchy Snack at Trader Joe’s Is Bamba

The Book Hospitality Activist Ashtin Berry Says Everyone Should Read

How I Got My Job: Becoming One of America’s Top Food Photographers