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Young Guns

Young Guns

On the ground with the future leaders of the restaurant world

Meet the Entrepreneur Bringing a Prohibition-Era Whiskey to Present-Day Iowa

How This Chocolate Expert Created the Perfect Space to Stress-Cook

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For an NYC Chef Who’s Still Working, Home Cooking Is More Vital Than Ever

A Line Cook Wonders If He’ll Have a Job Post Coronavirus

Until the Government Orders a Rent Freeze, Here’s How Restaurant Owners Should Talk to Landlords About COVID-19

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Top Restaurant Designer in Chicago

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Whose Dish Is It Anyway?

When leaving a restaurant, chefs must often navigate the murky waters of whether they can take the dishes they created with them

How I Got My Job: Meet Nancy Silverton’s Right-Hand Woman

Meet the Eater Young Guns Class of ’19

These up-and-comers are the rising stars of the restaurant world

The Best Chips at Trader Joe’s Are the Elote Corn Chip Dippers

How I Got My Job: Researching the History of American Food at the Smithsonian

How I Got My Job: Running One of Detroit’s Most Influential Noodle Bars

The Best Spicy Condiment at Trader Joe’s Is the Habanero Hot Sauce

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‘If You Eat This Food, It Will Deconstruct Your Toxic Masculinity’

Spiral Theory Test Kitchen curates dinners that involve edible ball gags, pet eels, and animal carcasses to show there’s still possibility in the unfamiliar

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Choosing Your Own Adventure

From culinary school to working with major brands, chef Kalisa Marie Martin is blazing her path in the food world — on her own terms

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Top Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Restaurants

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The Pros and Cons of Going Corporate

Cooks are leaving restaurants to work in tech cafeterias or startups to get a better quality of life. Is it worth it?

Keeping Bar: Put a Savory Spin on Your Cocktails 

Keeping Bar: Your Cocktail Deserves a Beer

How I Got My Job: Leading San Francisco’s Favorite Greek Restaurant Chain

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The Pressures of Being First

Mariya Russell is the first black woman to command a Michelin-starred kitchen. She’s primed for it her entire career.

Keeping Bar: How to Use Amaro in Your Cocktails

If You’re an Aspiring Chef Looking for a Mentor, Take This Advice

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Go-To Food Authority in Rome

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Line Cooks, On Demand

Are hiring apps like Pared and Instawork the answer to restaurant staffing shortages?

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How Much Do Cooks and Chefs Really Make These Days?

Wages are up — but not enough to comfortably live in America’s most expensive cities

Sake’s Future Is in Good Hands

How I Got My Job: Running an Award-Winning Wine Bar in Charleston

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Inside a Brooklyn Chef’s First Apartment — Without Roommates

A tour of the Sol Sips owner’s small apartment kitchen — and her tips for making cornbread at home

You Should Bring Korean-Style Short Ribs to Your Next Potluck

Want to Start Your Own Food Truck? Read This First.

How Has Bartending Changed in the Last Three Years?