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What Happens When the Anti-Vax Online Mob Finds Your Restaurant

As restaurants across the country implement vaccine policies, anti-vaxxers are turning to Yelp, Instagram, and other platforms to vent their rage

Yelp’s Latest Tool Functions to Support Asian-Owned Restaurants

Yelp Will Now Display How Well a Restaurant Is Observing COVID-19 Guidelines

Yelp Adds New Feature to Flag Businesses Accused of Racism

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Imperfect COVID-Era Takeout? One Star.

As restaurants struggle during the pandemic, many owners wish Yelp would do more than appeal to its users to be "empathetic and patient"

Yelp Publicly Shames Burger Chain for Buying Fake Reviews

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Yelp Elite Are Becoming Obsolete

When it comes to wielding real influence, Instagram is taking over — but much like Yelp reviewers, they are also facing major backlash

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How to Write an Online Restaurant Review Without Being a Jerk

Do your part to make the internet a slightly better place by writing Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor reviews that are actually helpful

Yelp’s Heyday Is Over

Restaurant Manager’s Extreme Reaction to 3-Star Yelp Review Backfires, Big Time

Yelp CEO Sued After Selling $25 Million in Shares

Yelp Accuses Google of Stealing Its Content Again

The 10 Best Quotes from Vespertine's Yelp Reviews

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AI Trained on Yelp Data Writes Fake Restaurant Reviews ‘Indistinguishable’ From Real Thing

T.J. Miller Is the King of Weird Yelp Reviews

How David Chang Made His Peace With Yelp

The Momofuku chef thinks it’s the future of restaurant criticism

Watch: Dramatic Yelp Reviews With Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon

Trump Grill’s Yelp Rating Is Dropping Rapidly

Yelp Wants You to Put Your Face on Every Review You Write

How Yelp Ratings, Michelin Stars Can Be a Double-Edged Sword for Restaurants

Open-Carry Gun Advocates Wage War on Houston Pizzeria

Yelp Wants to Make Sure You Never Have to Wait Two Hours for a Table Again

Yelp Could Be Held Responsible for False Negative Reviews

What Yelp Searches Reveal About the Cravings of Democrats and Republicans

Yelp Is Warning Users About Businesses That Sue Over Bad Reviews

An Exclusive Look at 'Billion Dollar Bully', a Film About Yelp

Yelp Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Help You Find Dinner

Yelp Is Now Helping Restaurant-Goers Hunt Pokémon

Yelp Goes Undercover to Crack Down on Fake Reviews

Yelp Raises Employee Pay Following Viral Open Letter

Yelp Employee Fired After Writing Scathing Critique of the Company

UberEats Expansion Could Hurt Yelp