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A Wine Bar for the People

Natural wine is thriving in restaurants and shops in America, but wine bars are still finding their place

How I Got My Job: Running an Award-Winning Wine Bar in Charleston

The Definitive Word on Stemless Wine Glasses

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The Champagne Myth

Bubbles may feel special, but sparkling wine shouldn’t only be for celebrations

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Pet-Nat and Skin-Contact Wine Are So 2019. In 2020, We’re Drinking Piquette.

The natural-wine trend in the making is fizzy, low ABV, affordable, and about to be everywhere

You Already Love the Spritz, So Embrace the Wine Cooler

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The Natural

At Kismet in Los Angeles, Eater Young Gun Kae Whalen makes natural wine easy to enjoy

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You Don’t Need to Spend More Than $16 on Wine Glasses

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How to Shop for Natural Wine

Natural wine is booming, but picking the right bottle at your local wine store is easier said than done

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Just Get the Cheapest Bottle of Wine

Kourtney Kardashian’s Organic Wine Recommendations Are Surprisingly Good

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Stripping 23 Master Sommeliers of Their Titles Was a Tough Call, but the Right One

Candidates spent years preparing for an exam declared invalid by the Court of Master Sommeliers after a cheating scandal — some unfortunately won’t pass again, but the integrity of the profession was at stake

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The Outrageous Master Sommelier Scandal, Explained

Why 23 newly appointed master sommeliers were stripped of their titles

The French Are Not Okay With Spanish Rosé Being Passed Off as ‘French’

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How Chefs Are Making Wine Bars Happen in America

From Wildair and the Four Horsemen in NYC to Bar Crenn and Verjus in San Francisco, America’s chefs are resetting expectations of what a wine bar can be

Amy Poehler and Her SNL Pals Head to ‘Wine Country’ for Netflix

SNL Makes Wine to Drink While Watching SNL

Man Sues Airline for Serving Him Sparkling Wine Instead of Champagne

Why Is So Much Wine Writing Bad?

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Blue Wine Is Finally Coming to the U.S.

After a regulatory hold up, the Instagram-friendly wine hits shelves in September

Inside the Biggest Wine Hoax in History

An excerpt from In Vino Duplicitas

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Rosé Is Exhausting

A march through summer’s endless, pink-hued purgatory

Amazon Is Not* Selling Its Own Wine

Climate Change Is Coming for Your Favorite Wine

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Wine Depends on Immigrant Labor. Trump’s Policies Could Run Your Glass Dry

In Washington, grape growers face growing uncertainty

This Is What Happens at a ‘Wine Orgy’ According to ‘Cork Dork’ Bianca Bosker

Sadly, Wine-Infused Coffee Won’t Get You Drunk

How Valentine’s Day Ruined France’s Saint-Amour Wine

Quadruple Threat Lady Gaga Jumps into Winemaking

Wine Ponzi Scheme Fraudster Gets Six and a Half Years in Prison

Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Wine

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Ditching the Wine Biz