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Waffle House

Waffle House Claims to Be About ‘People.’ Its Own People Say Otherwise.

The idea of "family" is key to the restaurant chain’s image. But to some hourly employees, that core concept has rung hollow during the pandemic.

Even Waffle House Is Closing Locations Because of Coronavirus

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A Canton Waffle House Closes After an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Nine Atlanta Area Waffle Houses Are Hosting Special Valentine’s Day Dinners

At Least One Waffle House Has Closed in Anticipation of Hurricane Florence

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Get Free Waffles During Waffle House’s Anniversary Celebration Next Week

Black Customers Handcuffed at Waffle House After Dispute Over 50 Cents

Bernice King Urges Waffle House Boycott Following Violent Incidents

Violent Arrest of Black Woman at Waffle House Sparks Protests

Waffle House Closes Four Locations in Wake of Hurricane Harvey [Updated]

13 Photos of People Watching the Solar Eclipse at Waffle House

Where to Eat Chicken and Waffles While Watching the Solar Eclipse

Waffle House Creator Joe Rogers Sr. Dies

Waffle House Is Closing: Hurricane Matthew Gets Serious [Updated]

Waffle House Plans to Stay Open in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Waffle House Facing Lawsuit Over Fatal Shooting in Georgia

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Where to Eat and Drink at Turner Field, Home of the Atlanta Braves

Waffle House Employee Allegedly Spiked Co-Worker's Drink With Meth

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Rejoice: The Waffle House On Ross Ave Is Officially Open

Efficient Waffle House Customer Enjoys Breakfast Before Robbing Restaurant

Valentine's Day Dinner at Waffle House Is the Apex of Modern Romance

Waffle House Customer Strips Naked and Breaks Woman's Nose

Kobe Bryant Made Sure to Eat at Waffle House During His Final Trip to Atlanta

Felonious Waffle House Customer Arrested for Tossing Guns in the Trash

Waffle House Customer Arrested for Plate-Throwing Outburst

Waffle House Customer Shoots and Kills Waitress Over No-Smoking Policy [Updated]

Customer Surprises Waffle House Waitress With $600 Tip

Watch Anthony Bourdain Proclaim His Love for Waffle House

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Waffle House Customer Smashes Glass Door Over Price Increase, Obviously

Waffle House Is Being Sued Over How It Conducts Background Checks

Fearless Waffle House Customer Shoots Thief During Attempted Robbery

Here's Why Waffle House Denied Service to an Armed Soldier