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Comedians Create Fake Trump Winery Billboard in Charlottesville, Virginia

The Red Hen Reopens to Protesters and a Fully Booked Dining Room

Bernie Sanders Thinks Trump Officials Deserve to Eat Their Restaurant Meals in Peace

Restaurant Manager’s Extreme Reaction to 3-Star Yelp Review Backfires, Big Time

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In Search of Alpine Flavors in the American South

Nutmeg-kissed French sausages and an "unapologetically meat-centric sandwich" await at chef Brittanny Anderson’s Brenner Pass

Uno Pizzeria Fires Employee Who Marched in Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally

Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally Marcher Resigns from Berkeley Hot Dog Stand [Updated]

When Catering to Vegans Is Just Good Economic Sense

Restaurant Uses Colin Kaepernick Jersey as a Doormat

Chipotle Turns to Flying Robots for Burrito Delivery

Customers Leave Waitress Anti-Immigrant Note Instead of Tip

This Restaurant Has Jet-Powered Sushi Boats and a Marine Biologist on Staff (Seriously)

Virginia Restaurant Refuses to Serve Patrons Wearing Trump T-Shirts

Server Calls Diner a 'Plaid Asshole' on Restaurant Receipt

What Happens When Big-City Chefs Open Small-Town Restaurants

Fire Completely Shuts Down Beloved Edwards Virginia Ham Smokehouse

Man Robbed of His Subway Sandwich at Gunpoint

Bojangles' Customer Orders Fried Chicken, Receives $4,500 Instead

Red Bull Inexplicably Files Complaint Against Brewery Over the Word 'Ox'

Workers Sue McDonald's for Racism, Sexual Harassment, and Wrongful Termination

Metal Band GWAR Will Debut Its 'Intergalactic' GWARbar Later This Week

Tip Bomber Strikes Again With Surprise $1,200 Christmas Bonus

Restaurant Honors September 11 Every Single Day

Evil Restaurant Owners Tricked Immigrants Into Working as Cheap Labor

Virginia Brewery Recreates 300-Year-Old Colonial Beer

Restaurant Serves Chicken Wings With Racist Note on the Side

Secret Gov't Agency Seeks Chef With Security Clearance

GWAR Will Open GWARbar Even After its Fundraising Campaign Failed

John Shields on His Riverstead Dinners, Soon to Launch in Chilhowie, Virginia

Inside José Andrés' America Eats Tavern in Virginia

GWAR Launches Campaign to Raise Funds for GWARbar

Yelper Found Guilty of Defamation for Scathing Reviews