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Watch: This Sushi Maestro Uses a Freezer to Age Sashimi

At Suzuki in NYC, chef Suzuki uses a medical grade freezer to age his fish

The word mottainai, often uttered as an admonishment, captures the concept of waste as a Japanese cultural taboo. But at Suzuki in New York City, aged fish can be conservation at its finest.

The second episode of Eater’s new series Omakase heads to 10-seat sushi restaurant Suzuki, where chef and co-owner Toshio Suzuki uses a freezer to age fish before serving it. Suzuki opened the restaurant with his son, Yuta, after helming New York City legend Sushi Zen for 30 years. At Suzuki, the two use all parts of the fish to elevate the diners’ experiences, employing a flash-freezing process and careful defrosting technique to draw out the most concentrated flavor of the fish.

Watch the video above to see Suzuki freeze, defrost, and perfect the night’s platter of fresh sushi for those few, fortunate diners.

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