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Watch: The Secret to the Best Instant Ramen

Making a DIY flavor packet is laughably easy

The internet is littered with recipes for how to up one’s ramen game. I’ve seen countless posts about how to put nice toppings on instant ramen, which is fine. I’ve also seen cooks pack a mason jar with some miso paste and add water — but in those recipes, there’s no real stock, and the ingredients often need to be kept refrigerated.

The best approach to a better instant ramen, in other words: a make-at-home flavor packet that requires no refrigeration and is easily transportable.

To do this, we have to find a good base for the broth; with bone broth now available in powder form, it’s the perfect solve. On your usual instant ramen flavor packets, the last ingredient is always the vague phrase “natural flavors.” But here, we’re using actual, recognizable ingredients, combining chicken stock, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and dashi — all items that make your broth taste like an actual broth.

Take this recipe and scale it up so you can have enough packets to last you into next month: All the ingredients can be found at a local health food store and Asian market.

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