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Watch: Tackling the Two-Pound Mutton Chop at a Classic NYC Steakhouse

‘The Meat Show’ heads to Keens in Manhattan for the old-school house-specialty

Keens is one of NYC’s oldest and most storied steakhouses. In this week’s episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares delves into the mutton chop, the restaurant’s signature dish and one that represents a throw-back to a bygone era. “As far back as we have menus,” says executive chef Bill Rodgers of the 132-year-old restaurant, “Keens has served mutton.” The restaurant now serves 500 orders of mutton per week (that’s an average of 71 per day).

Rodgers breaks down what mutton is — essentially, a two-pound saddle chop cut from the lamb loin — then reveals the secrets behind how it’s prepared (hint: “it’s incredibly simple,” he says). As Solares digs into the giant cut, he appreciates the gaminess from the younger meat — and also the bright, sweet flavors of its traditional accompaniment, mint jelly. It’s a “classic pairing,” Solares says, “just like me and meat.”