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Watch: A Pizza-Sized Eggs Benedict Will Win Your Next Brunch

‘You Can Do This’ serves the dish on a giant English muffin

At a restaurant that shall not be named, an excitement came over me when I saw a menu item called “eggs Benedict pizza.” Since eggs Benedict are a personal favorite, ordering it was a no brainer: Waiting for the dish to hit the table, I thought of all the glorious possibilities. But upon arrival there it was, sunny-side up eggs over pizza dough with a hollandaise drizzle. No: this did not deliver on the promise of an eggs Benedict pizza. It had tomato sauce, cheese, and a slew of other ingredients you would never find in a classic benny. There and then, this dish needed to be fixed.

Starting off, the vehicle for a Benedict pizza needs to be an English muffin. The airiness of dough with a toasted exterior is the ideal sponge for the runny yolk of a poached egg that’s slathered with a rich buttery hollandaise. And luckily, creating an English muffin the size of a pizza is easily accomplished with a high-sided pan acting as a ring mold.

Once the English muffin “crust” is finished, options abound. You could go “Florentine” with spinach for vegetarians, or with a lox variant for those feeling a little fancy. So, not only are you creating a pizza-sized eggs Benedict, you are also getting three flavor options in one.

This recipe represents a dramatic turn of events for any watcher of You Can Do This: Finally, a recipe that could save you time over the original dish. Drop this dish down at your brunch party and be the stuff of local legend.

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