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Watch: This Korean Barbecue Deserves a Michelin Star

‘K-Town’ heads to Cote in NYC, which has its own dry-aging room

In this episode of K-Town, host Matthew Kang marvels at the ambition of Cote, a brand-new restaurant in New York City. What’s unique about this restaurant, just south of Koreatown and part of the northern edge of the Flatiron, is their dry-aging room, which takes cuts like ribeye, hangar, and more and prepares them into a steak-like presentation. After the meats are butchered in house, they’re served in a Korean barbecue style.

Resident beef aficionado and The Meat Show host Nick Solares joins Kang at the table, explaining the difference between wet- and dry-aged meat before the duo delve into arguably the most ambitious Korean barbecue in the country. This raises the question: Given owner Simon Kim’s Michelin-starred experience running Piora (before it closed), will Cote become the first Korean barbecue restaurant in the country to earn a Michelin star? It seems like the place is certainly on the right track.

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