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Watch: The Kosher Barbecue Joint Inspired by Texas

The Meat Show heads to Brooklyn for a unique restaurant experience

On this week’s episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares visits a rather unique restaurant — a Kosher barbecue joint in the heart of Brooklyn. Solares first encountered Sruli “Izzy” Eidelman and his Kosher barbecue when he was judging the Brisket King competition earlier this year: There, Solares and fellow judges Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue, Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn, and Katz’s Delicatessen owner Jake Dell all unanimously declared Eidelman the winner.

At the competition, Eidelman shocked the judges by producing textbook Texas brisket and some pitch-perfect pastrami to boot. “One of the biggest inspirations for me is not being able to eat Aaron’s and Billy’s and all these famous people’s meat — it drives me nuts,” says Eidelman of his kosher diet. “So I’m constantly obsessed with, ‘How can I do it better but [in a way where] I can eat it?’” Looks like his efforts are a success.

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