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Watch: Korean Blood Sausage Is the Star of This Offal Feast

‘K-Town’ heads to Eighth Street for soondae, liver, and cow tongue

Some variant of blood sausage appears in many cuisines — it’s black pudding in the U.K., boudin noir in France, and morcilla in Spain. But in Korean cuisine, blood sausage emerges in the form of soondae, aka the namesake dish at LA’s Eighth Street Soondae, where K-Town host Matthew Kang pops in for a visit. Eighth Street Soondae serves its stuffed intestine casings with vermicelli noodles and, in a departure from tradition, beef blood.

In swapping the pig’s blood with cow’s blood, Eighth Street manager Michael Kang says their dish avoids some of the unpleasant odor usually associated with blood sausage. According to Matt, the result is “a beefiness that’s not resembling the flesh of beef... It has this savoriness; a coffee like-ness.” Watch the episode above to see Kang enjoy the soondae along with a veritable feast of offal (from cow tongue to liver); some items taste more bitter and gamey than others.

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