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Watch: This Outdoor Restaurant Is Heaven For LA Hikers

Backyard burgers and corn dogs at Adams’ Pack Station are worth a ‘Cult Following’

Angelenos love to hike, and one restaurant in particular serves as a charming favorite for regular hikers of the San Gabriel Mountains. In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai visits Adams’ Pack Station — one of the last places in Southern California that still uses donkeys to send supplies to hikers — that also has a killer outdoor restaurant. Her friend and Eater LA senior editor Farley Elliott, who’s been going for years, went along as a guide.

The food here is super simple: burgers, chili cheese fries, and corn dogs. “I don’t think you can have an experience like this, in this place, without getting chili in some form,” Elliott says. “This to me is the best iteration of what they do, because it’s just layered with molten-hot orange cheese.” But in addition to the hearty fare, with live music and a community vibe, the Pack Station is also the perfect setting for people who are tired from hiking all afternoon. “Grabbing a bite of this before you go home,” Elliott adds, “is its own bit of heaven.”

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