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Watch: The Hand-Cut Korean Noodles That Would Make Grandma Proud

‘Cult Following’ heads to Los Angeles for kalgooksoo at Hangari

Kalgooksoo, knife-cut noodles, are a homey Korean classic, and one restaurant in Los Angeles draws hours-long waits for its version. In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai hits up Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksoo with Eater LA editor (and K-Town host) Matthew Kang, who’s a fan of the Koreatown restaurant.

Not a lot of Korean restaurants in LA serve knife-cut noodles, because they’re usually a dish that people make at home. But Hangari offers steaming bowls of broth — including one with an entire cornish hen — that brings in fans.

For Kang, it feels like a pumped-up version of what his grandma makes, a taste that brings him back. “That’s the thing about this place,” he says. “They’ve perfected something that everyone eats at home all the time.” Watch the full episode to find out more.

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