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Watch: This 180-Day Dry-Aged Steak Was Caused by a Flood

The Meat Show heads to NYC for a delicious accident

On this episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares visits Agern, a Nordic restaurant located in one of New York City’s grandest buildings — Grand Central Station. But along with this historic grandeur can also come some maintenance issues: The restaurant was unfortunately hit by a flood a year after opening. Many months later, the restaurant is back in action, and with a silver lining to boot: a steak that ended up being dry-aged twice as long as intended.

Chef Gunnar Gíslason was all set to add 90-day dry-aged rib steak to Agern’s menu when the flooding struck (28 days is the industry standard for dry-aging). The steaks continued to age throughout the lengthy process of repairing the restaurant, and by the time the Agern reopened, Gíslason found himself armed with some lusciously long-aged slabs of beef. Watch the video above to see how chef Gíslason prepares the steaks, then stick around for Solares’s impressions of the beefy flavor that’s been six months in the making.

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