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Watch: Does the Kitchen Centrifuge Live Up to the Hype?

Road-testing Dave Arnold’s much-hyped Spinzall

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Today on the high-tech gadget spectrum, the Eater test kitchen got its hands on the pre-release of the Spinzall, which bills itself as “the first countertop centrifuge made for cooking.” This piece of equipment is the invention of Dave Arnold, formerly of Booker and Dax and the cooking gadget wizard behind the hand-held broiler with the same zall, the Searzall.

First, a quick centrifuge primer. The machine is designed to spin at such a rapid rate that anything of mass will be compacted in a puck-like sludge at the bottom of the canister. Remember spinning buckets around as a kid and the water would stay in the bottom and not come out? It’s like that, except at the rate of 4,000 rotations per minute.

With that kind of force, even small particles move to the bottom of the canister, meaning these machines can be used for things like no churn butter, ultra-clear and flavorful herb oils, and separating the fats out of vegetables to make butter in a relatively quick amount of time.

In this video, the Spinzall is put to the test using a classic Dave Arnold recipe, Bananas Justino, a banana rum drink. It’s the perfect test subject because the sludgy liquid from blending the banana and rum together will reveal the centrifugal force’s power, and using more liquid than the rotor canister can handle will test the effectiveness of the feeding tube system. Finally, the test will look at yield — as in how much liquid is lost in the process — which in the professional world, is literally money down the drain.

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