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Watch: In the Kitchen With a Korean Banchan Master

‘K-Town’ makes kimchi and more from scratch

A great Korean meal must always have one prominent feature: great banchan. Banchan — a spread of vegetables, meats, and small plates that are met to whet the appetite and vary the meal — is the foundation of Korean cooking, and it’s the perfect expression of Korean sensibility and seasonality. In this episode of K-Town, host Matthew Kang goes to Jun Won, where he meets owner Jung Ye Jun and learns how banchan is made for her Los Angeles restaurant and standalone banchan store.

Together, they make everything from spicy anchovies, baby napa cabbage kimchi, and even tonggorangtteng, cute little meat patties that are covered in egg and then pan fried for tasty, after school-style snack. After making banchan together, Kang sits down at Jun’s Koreatown restaurant and enjoys some of stellar banchan before delving into some classic Korean comfort fare.

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