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Watch: Park’s BBQ Is LA’s Ultimate Korean Barbecue Destination

Sampling wagyu beef, galbi, and more meaty delights on this episode of K-Town

There's a reason Korean barbecue is a go-to for diners in Los Angeles: Access to high quality beef, plenty of space for tabletop cooking, and commitment to authentic flavors abound in LA's Koreatown. Park's BBQ has been a standard-bearer for over thirteen years, spanning across two stories in a strip mall. A celebrity destination par excellence, the likes of Anthony Bourdain and even Korean pop star Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame have been known to indulge at the city's premier Korean barbecue destination.

In this episode of K-Town, host Matthew Kang joins one of his favorite dining companions Frank Lee for a rundown of three dishes at Park's: the raw yukhoe that comes gently marinated with soy and sesame, otherworldly American-style wagyu beef, and the house specialty of marinated prime beef short rib galbi.

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