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Watch: This LA Korean Spot Is (Literally) Dumpling Heaven

“K-Town” savors all the mandu, from fried to steamed to pan-fried

There’s nothing like the way that Koreans prepare dumplings. Yes, a lot of the methodology and some of the ingredients come from Chinese cuisine, but Koreans use their own unique style and technique. This week, K-Town host Matthew Kang dives into every kind of dumpling at one Los Angeles restaurant: Though its English name is the rather straightforward “Dumpling House,” the Korean name of this place literally means “Dumpling Heaven.”

The latter name might be a little more appropriate, since there are eight distinct types of dumplings, from steamed to pan-fried to deep-fried. Kang talks about how he used to make dumplings with his mother at home, and then discusses which dumpling is his favorite. No surprise, it’s the kimchi one, which has a hefty wrapper and lovely single crimp to keep it all together. And before he leaves, Kang also tries a specialty of the house, the meat pancake, which takes a heavy dose of inspiration from Northern Chinese-style bao, but with a bit of Korean flavor added in.

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