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Watch: Gooey, Glorious Grilled Cheese in London

“Dining on a Dime” stops by Kappacasein Dairy for the meltiest raclette in town

Cheese, glorious cheese: This is, without a doubt, the place that host Lucas Peterson was most excited to visit during this season of Dining on a Dime: London. Casein, as some of you may know, is a protein found in milk and is a major component of cheese — which Kappacasein, a shop in London’s wonderful Borough Market, has in abundance. Cheesemaker Bill Oglethorpe is the man driving this operation, which serves up ooey, gooey portions of raclette melted cheese over new potatoes — and fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches.

Watch as Peterson indulges his cheese love in a way he’s never been able to — with a mountain of rich cheese made from unpasteurized, full-fat milk over tender potatoes, and one of the best cheese sandwiches he’s ever had, made with leeks and garlic on soft sourdough bread. The Borough Market, just a stone’s throw from London Bridge, is the setting for this episode — the market has existed in some form or another for over 1,000 years.

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