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Watch: An Offal Feast Fit for a King at Fergus Henderson's St. John

The Meat Show goes to London for bone marrow, oxheart, sweetbreads, and more

This week on The Meat Show, host Nick Solares visits his favorite restaurant on earth: Fergus Henderson’s St. John in London. Henderson pioneered the modern nose-to-tail dining movement when he opened St. John back in 1994. The restaurant specializes in traditional British recipes and techniques, focusing on offal and other off-cuts rather than the more expensive parts of the animal.

There may be no prime steaks on the menu at St. John, but there are incredibly flavorful, unexpectedly refined dishes that belie the simple ingredients at play. Solares visits the kitchen where chef Jonathan Woolway shows him how he prepares lamb sweetbreads with peas, oxheart with beets and horseradish, and the restaurant’s signature dish, roasted bone marrow salad. After a quick toast with Henderson, Solares sits down for an offal feast fit for a king (or, in this case, the host of a show about meat). Watch the episode above to see why Solares fell in love with St. John.

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