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Watch: What’s the Best At-Home Ice Cream Maker?

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Putting three models to the test with pastry wizard Sam Mason

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It’s summertime, meaning some of you home cook heroes are likely getting the itch to make your own ice cream — but the question is, which one should you buy? We called in ice cream aficionado Sam Mason of Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. to give us the scoop on which homemade ice cream machine will not only give us the best result, but also provides the greatest bang for the buck.

The three contenders are the moderately priced Cuisinart Ice cream maker ($54), the pricier Breville Smart Scoop ($399), and the Nostalgia Ice Cream maker, which clocks in at around $36. Our early bets are on the Breville Smart Scoop, but as you’ll see from the video, it was a neck-and-neck race until the end — with a few unexpected surprises along the way.

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