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Watch: Legendary Bossam at Kobawoo in LA

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‘K-Town’ heads to a family favorite for perfect pork belly

There are busy restaurants everywhere in Koreatown, and perhaps there’s no busier place than Kobawoo, a longtime classic eatery that specializes in one great dish: bossam. The pork belly dish that David Chang once brought with fanfare to Momofuku (and charged a pretty penny for) might have been popularized at this all-around great restaurant on a bustling corner of LA’s K-Town. In this episode, host Matthew Kang is joined by two very special guests: his parents, Peter and Christina Kang.

The elder Kangs first brought Matthew to this restaurant in the early 1990s. Kobawoo feels vaguely familiar to the younger Kang, who’s since visited the restaurant multiple times in adulthood. Together, the three taste the great pork belly, pig’s trotter, and marinated skate wing that make up the “wang,” or “king,” platter. “When I eat bossam,” says Mrs. Kang, “I only come to Kobawoo.”

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