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Watch: Mince on Toast at London’s Quality Chop House

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'The Meat Show' tastes a rich, quintessentially British comfort classic

On this episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares visits London’s Quality Chop House, a modern British restaurant and butcher shop situated in the space that housed a working man’s “eating house" dating back to 1869.

These days, chef Shaun Searley is turning out contemporary versions of traditional British dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Searley reveals how he makes mince on toast — a true comfort food — from start to finish, from grinding the beef to slowly reducing it with a rich sauce of beef stock, red wine, carrots, onions, and tomatoes; to frying a thick slice of sour dough bread in beef fat; to ladling on a healthy portion of the mince on the toast before serving it to our hungry host. “It really does take you back to when your mother was cooking a mince on the stove,” Solares says. “It’s so evocative.” Watch the episode above to see Searley’s take on this seemingly simple dish.

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