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Watch: Beigel Bake Serves Salty Sandwiches 24 Hours a Day

‘Dining on Dime’ visits the Katz’s Pastrami of London

Welcome to this inaugural episode of season 10 (!) of Dining on a Dime, which takes host Lucas Peterson across the Atlantic Ocean to beautiful London, England. He gets the season started on Brick Lane at Beigel Bake, a 30-year-old institution that’s open 24 hours and a favorite with locals and cabbies alike. Beigel Bake specializes in bagels (or beigels, as they’re spelled here, and pronounced BYE-guls), and salt beef — a massive slab of cured, tender beef served with mustard and pickles.

Beigel Bake, with a white sign, is just a stone’s throw from the Beigel Shop, a different 24-hour beigel store with a yellow sign (the rivalry is real, and locals have their preferences). Visitors to the area, traditionally a neighborhood with a large Jewish population, consume the thousands of beigels produced weekly by Beigel Bake. The service is gruff but friendly, the line moves quickly, and the prices, naturally, are rock bottom. So much the better, as the allure of a chewy, boiled bagel with a chunk of succulent beef or a scoop of heady chopped herring is difficult to resist — as you’ll see when Peterson begins to eat.

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