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Watch: Cincinnati Chili Is America’s Most Controversial Plate of Pasta

The story behind the divisive spaghetti dish

Welcome to Snack Break, the Eater video series that delivers fast facts about the foods we all love — in one minute or less. These bite-sized stories are ideal dinner party anecdotes, and they’re educational to boot. Next up: Cincinnati chili. This controversial dish is essentially a big pile of meaty chili on top of spaghetti, and it tends to offend pasta lovers and chili fanatics alike. Check out the video above to get the full story on the complex origins of the seemingly American dish.

If you’re hungry for more, one of the most classic examples of Cincinnati chili is served at Camp Washington in Ohio; if you’re in Cincinnati and looking for a meal, try some of these new favorites. For stalwart fans of traditional chili, consider a spicy “bowl of red,” or make your own with a recipe for meaty Tex-Mex style stew.

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