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Watch: America’s Oldest Restaurant Is All About Meat

Celebrating Delmonico’s 180th anniversary with 180-day dry-aged steak

America’s oldest restaurant, Delmonico’s, is about to celebrate its 180th anniversary. This fine-dining establishment is all about meat, so naturally it’s celebrating with a special anniversary edition 180-day dry-aged steak. In this episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares stops by the aging facilitates and chats with chef Billy Oliva about the restaurant’s meaty traditions.

The special steak isn’t quite ready yet, but to get a sneak preview, Solares heads out to the restaurant’s aging warehouse in New Jersey, where the meat has been aging for about 90 days. Solares and Oliva taste through a classic Delmonico’s wet-aged ribeye, a 28-day dry-aged steak, and the (halfway done) anniversary special. Solares praises all of high-quality beef, but affirms his love for the dry-aged treatment: “There’s a fascination I have with the process of dry-aging, that the further from life you take something [...] there’s a profundity of flavor. It tastes less and less like life, and more like something else.”

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