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Watch: A Fiery, Coconutty Feast in London for Under $10

Malaysian food is king at this restaurant

Fans of Dining on a Dime will remember the Toronto season, when host Lucas Peterson traveled to Gandhi Indian Cuisine to try some of its rotis — an Indian and West Indies mash-up that filled pliant bread with various fillings. This week, Peterson continues his exploration of London by indulging in a different kind of roti, at a tiny hole-in-the-wall in Euston called Roti King, which specializes in Malaysian cuisine.

The dish to get is the roti canai — a different take on the Indian-inspired flatbread. The Malaysian favorite is made with layer after layer of flour and fat, tossed into thin sheets, and prepared on a griddle. The final product, which is bunched up into a crunchy, pliant mass, is typically served alongside a powerful curry for dipping, and is truly a revelation. Watch as Peterson tries some roti, makes a couple of new friends, and explores some other delicious Malaysian signature dishes.

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