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Watch: Meaty Brazilian Classics and Shaken Caipirinhas in London

‘Dining on a Dime’ heads to Brixton Market for a crash course in beef and pork

In this latest episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson samples a cuisine he hasn’t had much experience with before: Brazilian food. But on south London at the Brixton Market — a big outdoor market and indoor arcade in one of the English capital’s most diverse neighborhoods — he finds Carioca, a restaurant that serves traditional Brazilian dishes as well as some influenced by British cuisine.

Carioca serves up flavors that reflect the Portuguese and African roots of Brazilian food, most evident in feijoada, the Brazilian national dish that features stewed meats (chorizo, beef, pork) in bath of black beans and various spices. Peterson samples other classics like coxinha (meat-filled croquettes of fried dough) and beef picanha skewers, the latter of which highlights the prized rump cap of the meat: “They love their grilled meats,” Peterson says of Brazilians, “and it’s not hard to see why.” And of course, no Brazilian meal would be complete without cachaca, the sugar cane–distilled liquor that is the primary ingredient of caipirinhas, the popular cocktail.

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