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Watch: Making the Ideal Burger with Blood, Meat, and Cheese

The Bleecker Black Burger’s secret ingredient is a dark sliver of blood sausage

Nothing spells out classic Americana like a cheeseburger on a fluffy white bun, but these simple meaty sandwiches are loved the world over. In this episode of The Meat Show, host and noted hamburger enthusiast Nick Solares stops by Bleecker Burger to investigate some of the most lauded burgers that London has to offer.

Bleecker Burger’s signature offering is called the Bleecker Black Burger. It’s so popular that owner Zan Kaufman refers to it as their “Big Mac.” The burger comes with two patties, American cheese, special sauce, and a slice of black pudding — aka a uniquely British style of blood sausage — right in the middle. Unlike most blood sausages, which are made with pork and pork blood, the black pudding at Bleecker is made with beef and powdered cow blood “almost as a token,” says Kaufman.

It also wasn’t easy to find a quintessential burger bun in London, so Kaufman combed the city before she found the perfect bread being baked at a small Malaysian bakery. Check out the full episode above to hear what Nick Solares thinks of the Bleecker Black burger.

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