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Watch: This Is Why Banana Candy Tastes Nothing Like Bananas

On the first episode of ‘Snack Break,’ a candy mystery is solved

Welcome to Snack Break, a new Eater video series that delivers fast facts about the foods we all love, in one minute or less. These bite-sized stories are ideal dinner party anecdotes, and they’re educational to boot. First up: banana candy. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that banana candy doesn’t taste much like the bananas that are available in grocery stores today. Watch the full video above to hear one theory about why the artificial flavoring doesn’t quite measure up.

If that doesn’t quite satisfy your hunger, here are a few more fun flavor facts: Panama disease once wiped out half the bananas on the planet, and it’s not over yet; take a look inside the factory where familiar flavors are engineered by a team of super-tasting scientists; and maybe we’re all over reacting, and these banana candy artificial flavor theories are all one big conspiracy.

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