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Watch: A Killer Seafood Pancake at a Hidden Atlanta Gem

‘K-Town’ takes on classic Korean eats at Yet Tuh

In this episode of K-Town, host Matthew Kang touches down in Atlanta, Georgia — home to one of the largest Korean-American populations in the country — and kicks off this Southern adventure with a visit to Yet Tuh, an old-school, traditional Korean restaurant that has a place on Eater’s list of the 38 essential restaurants in Atlanta.

Right away, Kang was excited to snack on a bowl of small, dried anchovies, which he calls “the bedrock of Korean cuisine.” Kang also sampled fried fish, a spicy beef noodle stew called yukgaejang, and of course, banchan. But the real showstopper at Yet Tuh is the seafood pancake: It’s served on a stone platter, and it’s still sizzling hot when it comes to the table. It’s so big and hearty that Kang remarks: “It looks like a pizza.” It also doesn’t skimp on the seafood. Each pancake is filled with whole shrimp, octopus, and plenty of scallions. “That is some of the deepest, most well-constructed seafood pancake,” Kang marvels. “Atlanta, you’ve got some good Korean food.”

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