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Sneak Peek: ‘Dining on a Dime’ Heads to London

Host Lucas Peterson tries everything from eel pie to fish and chips

Dining on a Dime is going international — again. In the upcoming new season of host Lucas Peterson’s never-ending cheap eats adventure, he and the crew cross the Atlantic to London, where Peterson embarked on a quest to learn more about traditional English fare, as well as “food that represents the cultural diversity of the population,” he says.

What does that translate to? Yes, there’s eel pie and fish and chips, but also beigals with salt beef, raclette (which might be the world’s best way to eat cheese), and Malaysian/Indonesian food at the Roti King, which (spoiler!) Peterson calls “probably the best food on the trip.” Watch the trailer above and get excited for Dining on a Dime: London, airing each DAYTK on YouTube and right here on Eater.

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