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Watch: Make Your Own Cold Brew at the Office

Save that daily $6

Have you ever wondered why most people put milk and sugar in their coffee? It’s to soften the bitter and acidic notes that are released with hot brewing. The magic of cold brew is that without hot water, none of those acidic notes are released. The catch? Cold brew takes way more time. Here’s how to set up a cold brew machine in your office, so that every morning you can start off with a cup or two.

Start out with two empty water bottles, cut the bottoms off of each one. Sixteen-ounce size bottles work well; if the bottle is much larger, the machine could become top heavy and fall over. Punch a small hole in the center of one of the bottle caps. Cut two coffee filters into 3-inch squares. Place the filters in the cap, and screw the lid on to the bottle.

Place the bottle with the filter cap inside the bottle without the cap, and invert over a empty water glass. Fill the open bottle with about a third of a cup of freshly ground coffee (adjust according to your preferred coffee strength). Add water to the coffee grounds using a second glass. Stir with a spoon until all the grounds have been hydrated.

Place the entire machine in your office fridge overnight. Go home to a finely cooked meal — delivered to your door via an app. The next day when you walk into work, your cold brew will be waiting.

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