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Watch: The Pork Chop That’s Changing British Barbecue

London’s Pitt Cue Co. is all about pigs

In this episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares continues on his mission to sample all of London’s most notable meats. The next stop is a visit to Pitt Cue Co. to try what Nick Solares calls “one of the great pork chops in the world.”

Pitt Cue Co. is all about pigs. When co-owners Jamie Berger and Tom Adams got started, Pitt Cue Co. was just a seasonal food stand serving pulled pork sandwiches. Over the years, it has evolved into a small restaurant in Soho that’s defining the course of British barbecue. The meat is supplied by a farm in Cornwall run by Adams.

Solares samples a pulled pork sandwich and bone marrow mash, but the dish that really steals his heart is the giant pork chop. Solares describes the experience: “I’m having a moment with this pork chop [...] it’s so tender it’s almost like sushi,” but with a “gentle sweet pork finish.” Check out the video above to witness the entire sensual pork chop experience.

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