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Watch: Japanese Fried Chicken Meets Punk Rock at an Oakland Pop-Up

“Dining on a Dime” heads to Aburaya

Aburaya Fried Chicken gives off one strong message: rock ‘n roll. Well, that and delicious fried chicken. The semi-permanent pop-up has been rocking Oakland and creating lines out the door for good reason — it’s delicious.

Traditional Japanese karaage (fried chicken) differs from the United States version in that it’s marinated and coated in potato starch. The result is a juicy, flavorful chicken with an exceedingly light, crunchy coating, not the heavy-grease laden flour coatings that some other versions suffer from.

In this episode of Dining on a Dime, watch as host Lucas Peterson dives into this fried chicken, as well as some of Aburaya’s more traditional izakaya dishes. At Aburaya (which means “oil shop” in Japanese), the music is loud, the decor is louder, and the flavorful chicken keeps visitors piling in from all over the Bay Area.

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