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Watch: This Grandma Is a Korean-Food Legend in Atlanta

‘K-Town’ heads to Stone Bowl House, where halmoni Han makes the banchan daily

In this installment of K-Town, Eater LA editor and host Matthew Kang delves into Stone Bowl House, a classic Korean restaurant run by one of Atlanta's favorite chefs: halmoni Han.

Everyone who comes into the restaurant knows Han as “halmoni,” or “grandma” in Korean. Stone Bowl is located along Buford Highway, the diverse “international corridor,” even though a lot of the Korean community has since dispersed to other parts of northern Atlanta. But insiders know that Han’s banchan and stone bowl bibimbap are worth making the trek: The banchan is some of the best in the city.

Stone Bowl House’s main specialty might be searing hot rice bowls, but an underrated thing to try is the elegant dish called gujeolpan, a rare Korean royal court dish that was served during the Joseon dynasty. Watch the full video above to listen in as Kang chats with Han about how her helped revitalize a community with a Korean restaurant in Covington, Kentucky — where she says her banchan was so good, that the mayor gave her an award.

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