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Watch: The English Breakfast With a Spicy Twist

Dishoom takes inspiration from old Irani cafes in Mumbai

Nick Solares has had countless English breakfasts in his life, but in this episode of The Meat Show, he stops by Dishoom in Kings Cross, London to expand his horizons a bit. Dishoom is a beloved Indian restaurant that draws inspiration from the old Irani cafes that used to be a staple in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

Solares’s mission is to taste the “Big Bombay,” Dishoom’s take on the classic English breakfast that includes ginger bacon, black pepper pork sausage, masala beans, and akuri, an Indian dish similar to scrambled eggs. Kavi Thakrar, who refers to himself as the “Head Babu” at Dishoom, describes his cooking philosophy thusly: “Our food is about Bombay, and most of it is exactly what you’ll find there, it’s what we love eating whenever we’re there.”

Check out the full video above to hear what professional carnivore Solares thinks about the meaty breakfast at Dishoom.

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