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Watch: Salmon Sushi Was Actually Invented by a Norwegian

Born in Scandinavia, perfected in Japan

Welcome to Snack Break, an Eater video series that delivers fast facts about the foods we all love, in one minute or less. These bite-sized stories are ideal dinner party anecdotes, and they’re educational to boot. Today’s lesson: Salmon sushi. Sushi may be a traditional Japanese dish, but salmon wasn’t always on the menu. Watch the full video above to hear how it took a Norwegian salesman’s ingenuity for raw salmon to catch on.

Hungry for more fishy facts? Dive into this guide to understanding the essential styles of sushi, or catch few episodes of The Sushi Show on YouTube. But be careful, mislabeling is surprisingly common in the LA sushi scene. If raw fish isn’t your thing, try this recipe for whole grilled salmon from Portland’s Ox restaurant. And if you really can’t get enough fish, there’s always salted-salmon chewy candy.

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