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Watch: This Korean Bakery’s Pastries Are Insanely Fluffy

“K-Town” heads to White Windmill in Atlanta for red bean buns and manju

One of the most unique parts of a Korean community is its bakeries, which focus on a specific style of baking. Rooted in Japanese and European tradition, Koreans have taken their love of baked goods to new heights, incorporating classic ingredients like red bean, chestnut, and buttercream. In this episode of K-Town, host Matthew Kang ventures to a spot called White Windmill, a local chain with a number of locations spread around Atlanta.

White Windmill produces all of its own pastry in-house at its flagship location, eventually distributing the goods to auxiliary bakeries. Kang samples everything from a traditional manju, a soft bun filled with sweet chestnut, to a giant bun filled with sausage and topped with mayonnaise.

Watch the full video above to see Kang reignite his love with the pastries of his youth, and discuss what makes Korean pastry so great with one of White Windmill’s main bakers.

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