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One of London’s Best Restaurants Serves Up Ox Heart With Heavy Metal

On 'The Meat Show,' offal makes for a satisfying meal

In this episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares heads to London’s Black Axe Mangal for a new-age, multi-cultural meat experience. Chef Lee Tiernan has cooked at some of London’s most high-end restaurants, but now he’s breaking out and creating a fusion cuisine all his own — by leaning on his passion for British cooking tradition and drawing inspiration from London’s plentiful immigrant communities.

Black Axe Mangal is eccentric to say the least. It’s full of brightly colored florals, accompanied by heavy metal and the occasional skull. Chef Tiernan playfully admits that some of the restaurant’s more — shall we say — colorful imagery is purely a desperate bid for attention.

As for the food, Tiernan describes his menu as “spicy interesting, salty, smoky, and meaty.” The kitchen doesn’t shy away from bold flavors, or unusual cuts: Heart, kidney, and all sorts of organ meats regularly grace the menu. According to Solares, the complex flavors are hard to pin down, but have definite Asian inspiration, and a satisfyingly meaty punch. Check out the full episode above for all the tattoos and meat anyone could ever want.

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