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Watch: This Is How You Cook With Liquid Nitrogen

You don’t need to be a pro chef to use the super-cold liquid safely in the kitchen

Liquid nitrogen isn’t all fun and games, it’s a serious cooking tool. In this episode of You Can Do This!, host Clifford Endo explains how to keep safe while toeing the line between chef and scientist. This super-cold substance clocks in at -321° Fahrenheit. It might sound scary, but this the extreme temperature unlocks a whole world of cooking possibilities, from creamy smooth ice cream to herb powder and citrus confetti.

There risk associated with liquid nitrogen is real. It’s cold enough to cause burns, and can even cause suffocation in enclosed areas. This chemical should never be used in a small space like a walk-in refrigerator. To avoid burns, Endo reluctantly used safety goggles and gloves. He also went the extra mile and donned a hard hat, even though this isn’t technically necessary. Just follow the tricks described in the video above to stay safe (and maybe grab a sweater, too).

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