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Watch: Tasting Meaty, Cheesy, Submarine Sandwiches in Atlantic City

‘The Meat Show’ tackles huge and hearty sandwiches

The White House Sub Shop carries the great honor of calling itself “the home of the submarine,” and although it isn’t the birthplace of the sandwich, it certainly is well-known both in and out of Atlantic City, NJ. After countless recommendations, The Meat Show host Nick Solares was so excited to try the famed sandwich that he decided to tackle three different types.

White House’s Atlantic City-style cheesesteak does not try to replicate the classic Philly cheesesteak, but instead sets itself apart by using slices of melted cheese and denser bread. This bread also comes in handy when handling the “saucier” of the sandwiches, like the meatball and the Italian.

But the speciality of White House’s Italian sub lies in the red pepper mix that sits on top of the layers of cheese, meat, and onions — the oil from the mix coats and cuts through the fattiness, and the peppers give a kick of heat which, as Solares says, results in “... a complexity of flavor” which is “outstandingly good.”

It’s no surprise that this sandwich shop is an Atlantic City staple, so to see this glorious sandwich prepared and eaten three ways, watch the video above.

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