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Watch: Every Dish on This Korean-Inspired Brunch Menu Is a Perfect Hangover Cure

‘K-Town’ heads to brunch at SouthGate in Philly for fried chicken and matcha waffles

Brunch can be a good time to nurse last night’s sins, and SouthGate in Philadelphia is the perfect place to do so with Korean-inspired plates. K-Town host and Eater LA editor Matthew Kang calls a recent meal there a “primo hangover cure.”

SouthGate chef Dave Feola isn’t Korean. To learn the basics, Feola spent time with owner Peter Hwang’s mother and mother-in-law and was constantly told that he was doing things wrong, he says, smiling. But at the end of the day, not only did this lesson help Feola convert recipes from spoonfuls and pinches to grams and ounces, he also learned how to utilize Korean ingredients in creative ways.

Feola loves poutine, and his version is Korean-inspired, served in a dolsot. The hot stone pot lends itself well to the dish, melting the curds to seep through the fries and create a crust on the bottom of the bowl for not one — but two — forms of cheese. The kimchi comes in to cut the fattiness from the fries, cheese, bacon, and fried egg.

And brunch is not complete without a little alcohol. SouthGate does bloody marys with a special kick from kimchi and housemade spicy soju. Watch above to Kang have his mind blown by diabolical kimchi poutine.

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