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Watch: Korean Bar Snacks Are the Perfect Drinking Food

“K-Town” tries pork belly and fried chicken (in between karaoke songs)

“Koreans have truly perfected the art of drinking food,” says host Matthew Kang in the opening moments of this late-night episode of K-Town. And of course, what better excuse to indulge in said food than during a night of karaoke singing, when it’s delivered directly into your private karaoke booth? In this episode, Kang heads to Muta in the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Olney, where the enthusiastically grabs the microphone and tambourine in a killer karaoke set.

But first, Kang sits down to sample several snacks, like dak tong jip (chicken gizzards), bossam (boiled pork belly), a whole fried chicken, and bul mak chang (barbecued and sauced spicy intestine). The latter dish looks simple — and Kang notes that “it just collapses in your mouth” — but that humble appearance belies an extensive cooking process, during which the intestine is simmered with spices, chilled overnight to crate a firmer texture, then barbecued and topped with sauce.

Not into the idea of karaoke? You’re wrong, but ultimately that doesn’t matter — watch the video above to learn more about the food.

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