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Watch: These Scallion Pancake Breakfast Tacos Are Better Than Any Brunch Plans

Is the tortilla in your breakfast taco really pulling its weight?

Scallion. Pancake. Breakfast. Tacos. This mashup brings together two of world’s most loveable foods for a sensational morning egg consumption experience. In this episode of You Can Do This!, host Cliff Endo gives away the secrets to this million-dollar idea.

The classic breakfast taco is already delicious, but according to Endo, “the tortilla itself is usually a big thing of flour, and it takes down all the acidity [of the fillings].” By swapping in a scallion pancake, Endo creates a dish where every component does its part to amplify flavor. Also, traditional corn or flour tortillas can be time-consuming to make, while this scallion pancake dough can come together in just a few minutes. True, laminating it in bacon fat will add a little extra time, but sometimes it’s worth some effort to sneak more bacon fat into breakfast.

Once the scallion pancakes are ready to go, the complicated work is done. Endo finished off his homemade tortilla substitutes with a few homemade quick-pickled onions and radishes, simple scrambled eggs (Endo added Mexican crema for a little something extra), and a bit of cilantro.

Watch the video above for the full rundown on how to make a mashup meal that’s actually worth eating.

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