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What Does It Mean to Cook Hawaiian Food?

In Hawaii, fusion cooking is king

What is Hawaiian food? There’s not just one answer. This season of Cooking in America explored the unique blend of cultures that define eating on the islands, guided by host and native Hawaiian Sheldon Simeon.

This season dove into what it’s like to eat on the islands visiting a few of the incredible must-see local spots. Along the way Simeon visited an pen air pig farm, claiming to raise the world’s best pigs. There, he got a lecture on rotational grazing, and was treated to a lesson on the most effective way to inseminate a pig.

Next up, he helped cook at a high-end restaurant run by fine-dining alums. Senia is serving a tasting menu inspired by local ingredients, and was one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of the year.

For Simeon, this season was clearly personal. Many of the foods he encountered, like saimin, were an essential part of his upbringing in Hawaii. When he was in school these ramen-like noodles were his daily breakfast. Click below to watch the full season of Cooking in America, Hawaii, and hear Simeon make his case for why Hawaii is truly a dining paradise.

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