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Why Is Dry-Aged Beef So Expensive?

There’s a reason why your steakhouse dinner costs $40

Why is the meat at a fancy steakhouse so damn expensive? In this episode of The Meat Show host Nicks Solares schools us in the value of a good steak. The meat served in high-end restaurants isn’t the same steak available in standard grocery stores, or even in butcher shops. USDA prime beef is a very special thing that can only come from about 2 percent of the cattle butchered for meat.

In addition to working with pricey ingredients, steakhouses handle their product in a time-consuming way. Dry-aging beef takes at least a month, and during that time, the beef actually loses weight. A 25 to 30 pound rib steak might only yield five to seven rib steaks after the drying process. This creates the most tender and flavorful beef, so ultimately it’s still totally worth it.

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